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16ª Conferencia Internacional sobre Aceleradores y Grandes Sistemas de Control Experimental

Last October, the XVI International Conference on Accelerators and Large Experimental Control Systems (ICALEPCS 2017) took place at the "Palau de Congressos de Catalunya" in Barcelona, ​​organized by the ALBA Synchrotron.

ICALEPCS is the bi-annual meeting held with the aim of facilitating collaborations between experts from around the world specialized in control systems of large scientific facilities, such as particle accelerators, light sources, laser installations, telescopes, tokamaks ...

In the International Conference on Accelerators and Large Systems of Experimental Control, a large number of papers, talks and workshops are organized with the purpose of creating and facilitating a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among specialists in the control systems of large facilities. experimental physics of the world.

Since the first ICALEPS edition  in 1937 in Switzerland, organized by CERN , the aim of the meeting has been to create a communication bridge between the participants, fostering collaboration among them. This was the case in the edition of ICALEPS 2107, held last October, where a stage of development and progress was created, promoting standardization in hardware and software and promoting collaboration between laboratories and global institutes.

The conference consists of a scientific program that includes lectures, invited and contributed lectures and poster sessions such as experiment control, security and machine protection, evolution of software technology, project status reports, control system updates , handling and data processing, among others.

In the framework of ICALEPS , a workshop on safety PLCs was organized, in which Procon Systems participated, presenting its main reference projects in this field. The objective of the workshop, organized by CERN, was to create a framework of collaboration among the attendees,<a href="">replicas relojes</a> and through the experience of these, to know and improve practices, tools used and the return of experience when designing control systems based on PLC.

At the end of the six-day day a total of 607 registered participants were presented, of which there were 468 full conference delegates. One more year ICALEPS brought together great specialists from the world of physics to share experiences and knowledge with the aim of improving day by day, and this will be repeated in 2019 in the ICALEPS edition of New York .

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