Quality and environmental policy


For a company like Procon Systems, S.A., Quality and the Environment are fundamental and permanent objectives.

In a competitive environment such as the one existing in the current market, only the full satisfaction of our customers will allow us to develop relationships of trust that ensure the progress and growth of the company, as well as the promotion of the men and women who form part of it, the improvement of environmental behaviour and the compliance of the applicable technical and legal requirements.


The continuous effort of all professionals focused on achieving and maintaining Quality/Environment as a permanent objective, will allow us to obtain the desired results, also taking note about the following considerations:

  • To take into account the opinion of our customers, involving them from the beginning in the achievement of Quality and Environmental objectives that satisfy their needs.
  • Compliance with applicable technical, legal and other requirements.
  • Integrating our subcontractors and suppliers in the commitment to Quality and Environment.
  • Keeping the Quality and Environmental Manual and Procedures up to date, in accordance with the changing reality of the company and the market.
  • Providing adequate training to staff from a Quality and Environmental point of view so that they can achieve the results expected of them.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality and environmental system.
  • Commitment to environmental protection, pollution prevention and other specific commitments relevant to our organisation, e.g., sustainable use of resources, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, minimisation of work-related waste generation, through a programme of continuous improvement