01 - 08 - 2022

On July 27th we received the visit of a delegation of the Badalona City Council composed by Mr. Alex Montornès Torrecillas, 1st deputy mayor and councillor of the Area of City Promotion and COVID reconstruction, with his chief of staff Mr. Eduard Puig Bordera, Mrs. Olga Gamez Vera, coordinator of the Area of City Promotion and COVID reconstruction and Mr. Josep Maria Puente Fluvià president of the FEB (Business Federation of Badalona).

They were able to tour Procon's facilities, seeing the different departments of Engineering, Software, Simulation, Robotics, as well as our workshop and warehouse. Procon has also presented several of its projects in Science and Automotive, as well as our firm commitment to Industry 4.0.

During the visit, we had an interesting meeting where Mr. Montornès expressed his interest in strengthening the city's business fabric by improving the infrastructure in Badalona's industrial estate.

We were able to share our needs and concerns about security, cleanliness, infrastructure and the future.

We understand that companies and cities must go hand in hand, the city must offer opportunities and possibilities for companies to generate employment and prosperity.

In conclusion, we hope that Badalona will be proud to have a company like Procon Systems in its business network, present in the world's largest scientific infrastructures such as the EELT, the world's largest optical telescope, ITER, the experimental fusion reactor and particle accelerators such as CERN and ALBA, or in the automotive industry where we are present in the most prestigious companies such as Audi, Bentley, Citroën, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Seat, Škoda, Volkswagen, etc...