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Procon Systems has installed a robotic cell at the VW-Navarra factory to measure paint thickness in car bodies. This measurement by layers and without contact is carried out with the IRYS system from Das Nano using Terahertz technology.

With the IRYS system, measurements of the individual thickness of each layer of paint applied, dry and wet, are obtained in real time. Comprehensive monitoring and control is available allowing the customer to obtain a more reliable painting and early detection of errors in the painting process.

With this installation, the customer obtains a 5% material saving and reduces rework by 3%. The measuring head is mounted on a robot with a seventh axis capable of obtaining measurements at 200 points on the body, all of which can be parameterized by the operator. The installation has a self-calibration system.

The software developed by Procon Systems is capable of automatically managing the request for bodies based on models and colors, taking into account the latest measurements carried out and their results; that way the program allows the analysis of trends in the process.

This facility, already in production, is the first of its kind to be installed in the factories of the VW group. We think that the automotive industry is going to bet on these new measurement technologies in its painting processes and not only for the direct benefits of its application but also for the impact on the environment that means saving products.

Both Procon Systems and Das Nano companies look forward to continuing with that successful collaboration in other automotive factories starting from 2021

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