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The ITER Organization (IO) has awarded a new significant project to Procon Systems for the development of the CSS-OS system.

The aim of this Instrumentation and Control System (I&C) is to perform the occupational safety functions in order to protect people and the environment of the non-radioactive hazards.

The project includes the design, engineering and fabrication of the Central System (CSS-OS), that will coordinate all safety functions for all the subsystems included in ITER or the subsystems managed by the Plant Systems (PSS-OS) included in the scope of the project. Technically the new project will be a challenge for all the company departments, developing a new control system with such exhaustive safety and availability requirements, and using advanced control architectures. The development of a RAMI analysis for the complete system before its fabrication will allow to know its reliability, availability as well as the maintenance and inspection requirements.

The project will comply with all safety requirements according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards.

Procon Systems thanks IO its confidence in awarding such project, with a maximum duration of up to 7 years, which consolidates the company´s position as a reference supplier of safety functional projects for big scientific facilities worldwide.

To mention finally that the CSS-OS is the last of a number of projects awarded by IO to Procon Systems in the last few years, including the Hardware for the Remote Divertor Handling (2008); Prototype for the Interlock Central System(2009) and the Blanket Order for the mechanical and wiring configuration for I&C Cabinets in 2011.

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