PROCON SYSTEMS carried out the installation of an automatic cell in the SEAT Martorell factory.

04 - 10 - 2021

Procon Systems has successfully carried out the installation of an automatic cell for detection, classification and repair of paint defects in the SEAT Martorell factory.

Last April Seat relied on Procon Systems for the implementation of the first automatic defect repair cell in its paint shop in Martorell.

This installation has the capacity to verify, classify and repair the different defects of the painting process by shape and size, being this a minimum of 0.25mm up to a maximum of 2mm. For this purpose, an artificial vision system from company EINES and 4 robots from company KUKA have been installed, two of them in the first station, responsible for verification, classification and grinding. The second station equipped with two more robots is responsible for cleaning and polishing defects.

The defect is wet grinded using deionised water and the changes of sandpaper and polishing tool are carried out automatically by using extractors and storages in the installation itself.

By applying a virtual chord tracing system on the 3D of the body developed by Procon Systems / Eines, the installation is able to differentiate areas of the body according to edges and/or surface shape automatically, to associate different repair parameters to different areas of the vehicle (pressure, rpm, duration, trajectory) ensuring the optimum repair process in each area to be treated.

This installation places Procon Systems at the technological forefront in this type of process, as to date there is no automatic installation on the market capable of grouping together from the detection to the complete repair of the defect, including grinding, polishing and cleaning of the defect.

With this installation, Seat has a full automatic process that up to now most automotive factories still carry out manually.