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The German brand incorporates the T-Cross into the SUV family, the smallest off-road model of Volkswagen that has been on sale in Spain since a few months.

This new lightweight off-road vehicle will be placed below the T-Roc, as it measures 4.11 meters in length and 1.56 m in height, positioning itself as one of the reference models within the SUV-B segment.

The T-Cross, provided on the MQB A0 platform, has a sporty, urban, practical and versatile design. Shares aspects with the T-Roc: large grid that integrates bi-shaped headlights, located above other daylight LEDs, which take the place of the usual anti-fog and are also square and large

Other aspects that stand out in terms of the design of the new B-SUV, are its wheels up to 19 inches, longitudinal bars for the roof, pilots of Oled technology and there is a large number of customization options, which allow to modify the design with protections of plastic for the lower part of the body, a wide catalog of rims and exterior colors or interior trim and upholstery in different shades.

In terms of equipment, the new Volkswagen T-Cross is composed of an 8" central multifunction touch screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and optional digital instrumentation Digital Cockpit, sound system, Front Assist driving assistants with emergency braking in town, lane maintenance, obstacle warning in the blind spot or semi-autonomous parking, among other advantages. Additionally, this new lightweight off-road vehicle has two gasoline engines and four levels of equipment

This small SUV shares a technical platform with other VW Group models, such as the Seat Arona, the Seat Ibiza and the VW Polo.

The T-Cross is manufactured in Landaben (Navarra) and Procon Systems has supplied a new DVD roof station for this model, coinciding with the plant's Christmas shutdown. The start-up has been made with the start of production after the Christmas break.

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    Procon Systems has installed a robotic cell at the VW-Navarra factory to measure paint thickness in car bodies. This measurement by layers and without contact is carried out with the IRYS system from Das Nano using Terahertz technology.
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